Saturday, 4 February 2012

Muay Thai Shorts

The word Muay is a Sanskrit word which means “to bind together”. Muay thai or Kickboxing is a section or part of martial arts which involves using eight limbs to defeat the opponent. Eight limbs mean using different parts of your body to defeat the enemy/fighter like head, fists, knees, elbows, punches, etc. Historically muay thai was taught to fighters for self-defense and to protect their country. They were taught to attack the most sensitive areas of the enemy like head, rib, and glottis to make him senseless.  This unregulated sport went on thousands of years like this and nearly 50 years back it became more regulated and popular as a proper sports and spread throughout the world. It is well regulated now and fighters have to follow different rules, for example, time limits, different rounds, wearing proper uniform like boxing gloves, muay thai shorts, mma shorts, shin pads etc.
The most important thing in a fight is the fighter’s move and quickness. The opponent attacks you in seconds so you must be able to move around easily and quickly. Muay Thai Shorts is the most important thing for this purpose. If you are not comfortable with your shorts, you cannot move around easily, quickly, and comfortably. You have to move around tons of times to attack the opponent and to defend yourself which is not possible if your muay thai shorts are uncomfortable. The result will be that you lose your confidence and let the other fighter defeat you.
There are several things you should consider while selecting a muay thai shorts for you. The most important part of a short is waistband. The short must have a thick elastic waistband so that it stays up during the fight and let you move everywhere easily and comfortably. If the elastic is loose, it will destroy your confidence level. The lower part of the short is called the legs of the shorts which should flare out in an A line so that you have more room to move everywhere.
Muay thai shorts are made up with different materials like satin, polyester, nylon. Most of the big brands use satin and nylon. Satin is more expensive than nylon due to its supreme quality. Most of the clubs and fighters prefer satin because of its quality and comfort.  A nylon muay thai short is cheaper and light weight so also gets preference of lots of fighters.
There are many brands selling mixed satin shorts. Satin is not 100% and result is big profits for them and loss to a buyer. There are a couple of companies which sell 100% satin muay thai shorts and mma shorts like Windy, Twin and Raja. Windy gives money back guarantee if anyone proves that their shorts are made up of mixed satin.  Windy is very popular in some countries. They are not popular and known in every country because they take few orders and ensure quality. An official of Windy said “We don’t overload ourselves with every order. We have enough requests every time in pipeline, but we prefer to take few orders, produce slow and steady to ensure quality”. Raja and twin boxing shorts are also one of those names that are known for good quality. Windy, Raja, and Twin Special also produce good quality shin pads.
Most of the martial arts accessories manufacturers and suppliers are Thailand based and ship worldwide from Thailand. Good brands like Twin Special, Windy, Raja have online web shops. Prefer to buy online from their web shops as it can save you time and cost e.g discounts, free shipping. They offer different discounted packages on their web shops. They also offer you bulk discounts if you are buying bulk quantity for your club. Some companies like Windy also run a contest for free boxing gloves and other gears every month. You may also get different discounted offers at different times of the year which you may not get from retailers who realize these offers and sell you at normal price. Thus, prefer to use online shops and save cost and time.


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